BIO ampoules – Liquid extract of organic spirulina concentrated in phycocyanin – 1.5 g/l – 10*10ml – Strawberry/lime


Spirulina liquid extract titrated in phycocyanin, 1.5 g/litre concentrate. Liquid spirulina extracts support your immune system and bring you their multiple benefits in a convenient form to take daily.

Our spirulina extracts are made from AB premium certified spirulina, grown in the south of France. We extract phycocyanin from it cold, by entirely mechanical eco-extraction processes, without preservatives or chemicals, and completely respectful of the environment.

For an optimal supply of vitality, and a powerful stimulation of your natural defenses, it is recommended to regularly take our MINERAL BLUE extracts over periods of 30 to 60 days. Our products can also be taken continuously without any difficulty. However, it is recommended to avoid taking phycocyanin in the evening because of its stimulating effects.

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Phials of spirulina liquid extract certified AB titrated in phycocyanin , concentrated at 1.5 g/litre. Phycocyanin supports your immune defenses and brings you its multiple benefits in a practical form to take daily. Available in boxes of 10 vials of 10ml flavored Strawberry / Lime or 10 days of daily intake.

The benefits provided by MINERAL BLUE spirulina extracts are multiple:

  • Helps support the proper functioning of the immune system *
  • Excellent antioxidant *
  • Tone and vitality *

We formulate natural, local and premium quality products for you:

  • 100% Produced and manufactured in the South of France: We grow premium spirulina in Occitania, and all extraction, filtration and packaging operations for our products are also carried out exclusively in the South of France.
  • Mechanically cold extracted: The extraction (or eco-extraction) and purification processes that we implement are environmentally friendly and are completely mechanical so as to never degrade the extracts.
  • Product without alcohol, coloring or preservative: In order to maintain the naturalness of our products, we do not add any chemical substance, controversial or presenting a risky character for certain individuals.
  • Formulated with natural fruit flavors (strawberry and peach from organic farming)
  • Contains vegetable glycerin of biological origin


* Spirulina pending claims:

  • ID2583 & 1876: Strengthens natural defenses. Phycocyanin is a powerful stimulant of the natural defenses.
  • ID2737: Regulator of natural defenses, it helps reduce fatigue and improves tone.
  • ID1867: Important source of antioxidants which help to participate in cell protection against damage caused by free radicals.

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Strawberry / Lime


10*10ml – 15€

We invite you to take 1 phial per day diluted or not.

Recommended daily dose of 1 ampoule of Mineral Blue in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach).

Liquid extract of fresh organic Spirulina

Vegetable glycerin of biological origin

L-ascorbic acid (antioxidant vitamin C), 80mg (VNR = 100%)

Natural organic strawberry flavor / natural lime flavor

No addition of dyes, preservatives or chemicals

Lactose free, gluten free


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