A controlled quality culture

The culture of spirulina in ponds is the starting point of the processes which make it possible to obtain, on the one hand, spirulina in different forms, fresh or dry, and on the other hand phycocyanin at different concentrations.

Our strong points

Eco-extraction and “biorefinery”

In our agricultural exploitation laboratory or “Bio-laboratory”, directed by Florian, doctor in microbiology and molecular biology, we carry out various research and development programs of “biorefinery”.

Our innovative phycocyanin eco-extraction processes reduce energy consumption, use biological solvents and favor renewable plant resources. Our liquid phycocyanin extracts are completely natural and obtained at low temperature, so as never to denature the properties of this phycobiliprotein.

The eco-extraction makes it possible to respond to many environmental issues of the 21st century and is based on 6 main principles:

Principle 1 (P1) : Promote innovation through varietal selection and the use of renewable plant resources.

Principle 2 (P2) : Favor alternative solvents and mainly those from agro-resources.

Principle 3 (P3) : Reduce energy consumption through the assistance of innovative technologies and promote energy recovery.

Principle 4 (P4) : Promote the creation of co-products instead of waste to integrate the bio- or agro-refinery path.

Principle 5 (P5) : Reduce unit operations thanks to technological innovation and promote safe, robust and controlled processes.

Principle 6 (P6) : Favor a product that is not denatured, biodegradable, without contaminants and above all carrying values: “eco-extract”.

One of our areas of research is the continuous improvement of our processes in order to optimize the quality of our products. For this, the phycocyanin must be preserved as much as possible throughout the extraction process while maintaining its spatial conformation and therefore its functions.


In order to ensure the quality of our products, the analysis of samples (for example in metabolomics or microbiology) is essential. Various tests, in particular aging tests, are set up to verify that the benefits of our products are maintained over time.

Our current developments

Various projects are underway to create new products based on liquid spirulina extracts

Natural energy drink (2021)

Our partnership with the 808 brand will allow us to create a natural energy drink based on mineral water and phycocyanin in order to offer a drink that will provide the trace elements necessary for good rehydration before, during and after exercise, a vitamin C content for energy and a significant supply of phycocyanin. We will be offering two ranges of deliciously flavored strawberry / lime and peach / lemon flavored drinks.

Our drink can be taken before, during and after sport, whether for intense effort or endurance, and whether at semi-professional to extreme intensity, or for a Sunday outing characterized by less intensity.

It is also suitable during a professional, family or friendly meal or even before or after a treatment session, or a massage.

An energy gel stick (2021)

A little slack before or during an effort, our stick of energy gel based on phycocyanin allows you a direct supply of phycocyanin but also a supply of sugar but also vitamin C for a boost of energy. Easily transportable and quickly usable, it will allow you to take your phyco everywhere with you.

A single-dose packaging of our phycocyanin MINERAL BLUE (2021)

Easily transportable and usable thanks to its ingenious system, our single dose will allow you to always have your daily dose of phycocyanin close at hand. To easily dilute in a glass at the office or in a gourd before your workout.