Can phycocyanin be your ally?

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How would our phycocyanin be useful? What benefits does it bring in your daily life?

We no longer present the concept of “mental load”, often identified as the evil of the century, and it is clearly not the arrival of COVID and the associated health situation, with these multiple additional constraints and / or stresses that go change this trend! Curfews, distancing, rarer activities for children, professional teleworking activities,… and birthdays or obligations do not change…

On the contrary, all this adds to this “to do list” which continues to increase …

The mental load can take many forms: family life, professional activity, entrepreneurial activity, parents (alone or in a couple), students … and can have a very strong impact on our daily life and our health, it is therefore important to find solutions to feel better!

The most affected categories remain single people with children, or often mothers.


If we go into a little more detail, we can distinguish cognitive load, time pressure and psychic load.

Cognitive load is the foundation, the gross load that a person assumes when doing a task.
Time pressure, as its name suggests, represents the weight of the time available to do the cognitive load.
Finally, the psychic load corresponds to the way in which a given person responds and supports the two other loads previously mentioned.

Depending on the person, they will be more sensitive or good at coping with a very strong cognitive load, but associated with a weak time load, or the reverse, before reaching their threshold of acceptability, or in other words, before to exceed their admissible psychic load. And this phenomenon takes place every day … and accumulates day after day.

Beyond the classic advice often given, such as communication between spouses, reminders, methods of organization, optimization of time and work, or sports or leisure activities … We want to talk to you in this article from a preventive approach. Something that will help you better support your daily life by pushing your limits, and making you more resilient, more robust before exceeding your admissible psychic load.

This solution that we offer you is our phycocyanin Mineral Blue! A truly natural food supplement, it can and will become your best ally to confront this mental load and allow you not to forget anything, to concentrate more efficiently, more quickly … and to go even further, to exceed your limits. without having the impression of “pulling the rope”.

In addition, its powerful action on your immune system will allow you to improve the resistance of your body and therefore reduce the daily worries that can even more weigh down or harden one or more components of this mental load.

You, who have multiplied the possibilities to tidy up your mind and finally breathe, you no longer have to search, now always be in shape, at the top, to face the difficulties of life.


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