A phycocyanin in mineral water and in sterile bags, why?

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A liquid phycocyanin? A French origin? A certain freshness? No harmful additives?

How to make the right choice and ensure these points?

On the market, it is possible to find phycocyanin in different forms: powder, tablets, rehydrated solutions or in liquid form directly extracted from spirulina. But again, was it extracted from fresh spirulina, or from dried spirulina, then rehydrated?

Would you just like to take advantage of the “blue” of this natural pigment as a colorant, or are you hoping to take advantage of the biological benefits of this molecule?

In addition to these different forms offered, there are two essential points to take into account when choosing your product: the extraction method and the water used .

This is why we have decided to use exclusively an ancestral mineral water well known to Aix-en-Provence, the 808, drawn from a depth of precisely 808 meters. This rare water has an exceptional physico-chemical composition, weakly mineralized, and a nitrate content equal to 0. Due to its manganese, silica, sulphates and iron content, the pure ancestral water of the Pays d’Aix-en-Provence offers ideal minerality.

In addition, phycocyanin is an exceptional protein with many virtues, but it is also a particularly fragile substance, sensitive to heat, UV, variations in pH, which must be extracted from spirulina by taking many precautions in order to to guarantee optimal maintenance of its activity. Put under certain conditions, in particular during drying processes at high temperature over very short times, the shock suffered is too great and the protein then loses its structure and therefore its activity. Anything that is pasteurization or even flash pasteurization is of course not applicable. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, the liquid and extremely fresh format seemed obvious to us, to offer a quality phycocyanin while guaranteeing maximum biological activity. We carry out a cold extraction, with water, from a fresh spirulina cultivated in the south of France. We favor short circuits, which allows us to offer the freshest phycocyanin on the market, with the best possible biological activities. By way of comparison, it’s a bit like squeezing a freshly picked fruit from your garden, and consuming the extracted juice directly. In terms of vitamin intake, and even taste, there is no better!

But even in liquid form, you can find phycocyanin in different formats (ampoules, vials, sterile bags, unicadoses). There are inevitably advantages to each format, but also disadvantages such as the mandatory addition of preservatives for example.

Our choice fell on sterile bags, in order to offer formulations without any additives, and an environmentally friendly product.

In fact, in this sterile form, thanks to the patented STÉRINAT® process, we ensure the maintenance of the sterility of our product throughout your treatment, without the use of preservatives, sweeteners or even alcohol. (which is not the case for bottle formats, the content of which must be stabilized).

Our approach is carried out in a profound respect for the environment, by reducing as much as possible the waste that we generate (with regard to ampoules and unicadoses for example).

In addition, and in order to further optimize our continuous naturalness approach, we are also working to provide our customers with fully recyclable sterile bags.

The various formats that we offer allow you to take phycocyanin in its most active and purest form, directly assimilated by the body, allowing a rapid effect after the start of the catches, and lasting throughout the treatment. .


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