Meeting with phyco. The discovery of the blue gold of spirulina.

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My doctorate in microbiology (field dealing with the characterization of microorganisms) and later in more varied fields, as well as my personal convictions, led me to be interested in the wonders that nature can offer and to study in detail the many benefits for the body, and by extension, the daily shape and well-being of human beings.

DHA, astragalus root, royal jelly, hydroxidase, spirulina …

Among these natural substances, spirulina is one of the best known today, for its multiple benefits. But do you know where almost all of these famous virtues come from?

Well, it’s phycocyanin also called “blue gold” which is a protein with many properties. This protein represents 15 to 20% of the composition of spirulina. The list of benefits attributed to phycocyanin is long, and growing over the years, based on a growing body of research and scientific publications around the world.

But the main interest of this molecule lies in the fact that phycocyanin is a powerful stimulant of the immune system.

Its ability to restore and improve the functioning of the various human metabolisms also gives us greater “resistance” to the consequences of small variations in daily life (fatigue, lack of tone, decline in natural defenses, etc.).

Phycocyanin is a “capricious” molecule that is difficult to extract, without altering its sought-after properties. A great know-how is necessary.

In order to have a phycocyanin of optimal quality and retaining all its properties of interest, it is necessary to extract it cold with water, and to be careful to respect its fragility during all stages of the process. extraction and purification (sensitive to UV, variations in pH, temperature, etc.).

The eco-extraction approach is based on innovative manufacturing processes favoring the use of natural solvents that respect the environment. Due to this gentle extraction, there is no alteration in the capacities of the product.

Convinced by the values of the company, I find myself perfectly in the will of the founders to work in a natural and environmentally friendly way in the cultivation of spirulina, to seek a total valorization of spirulina (without any waste), everything by ensuring the good bioavailability of the products offered.

This is what pushed me to join the ECOSYNIA adventure.

Phycocyanin is a real natural nugget, it contains so many benefits that it is important to make it known and share it with as many people as possible!

What is eco-extraction?

This term is based on “the design of extraction processes allowing to reduce energy consumption, the use of alternative solvents and to favor renewable plant resources, while guaranteeing a safe and quality extract” according to the Professor. Farid Chemat * who runs the GREEN eco-extraction laboratory in which I did one of my post-doctoral studies.

Eco-extraction makes it possible to respond to many environmental issues of the 21 th century and is based on 6 main principles:

Principle 1 (P1) : Promote innovation through varietal selection and the use of renewable plant resources.
Principle 2 (P2) : Favor alternative solvents and mainly those from agro-resources.
Principle 3 (P3) : Reduce energy consumption through the assistance of innovative technologies and promote energy recovery.
Principle 4 (P4) : Promote the creation of co-products instead of waste to integrate the bio- or agro-refinery path.
Principle 5 (P5) : Reduce unit operations thanks to technological innovation and promote safe, robust and controlled processes.
Principle 6 (P6) : Favor a product that is not denatured, biodegradable, without contaminants and above all carrying values: “eco-extract”.

For our production, we have selected, after numerous tests, a quality strain of spirulina (P1) that we cultivate in greenhouse ponds equipped with photovoltaic panels (P3) in the south of France.

The phycocyanin extracted with water (P2) and cold allows a preserved quality of our product which retains all its virtues (P6). We are working on the creation of co-products generated during the extraction process in order to maximize our raw material (P4). The manufacturing and packaging processes used ensure sterility making the product safe for consumption (P5).

Within Ecosynia, we are committed to respecting this state of mind close to nature allowing us to produce “Made in France” products of which we are proud.

* Pr Farid Chemat: University Professor in Chemistry, teacher-researcher at Avignon University and director of the Research Group in Eco-Extraction of Natural Products (GREEN) at the University of Avignon has joined the family of the most influential researchers with its recent nomination (end of 2019) in the international “Highly Cited Researchers” ranking by Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), in the “Agricultural Science” category (agronomy).

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